Sjogren Industries provides the latest innovations in wire tooling equipment

Wire straightening is a vital part of the manufacturing process. It is a relatively simple procedure that involves bending the wire along grooved rolls.

However, not all wire straighteners are created equally.

Sjogren Industries has advanced the process through innovation and attention to detail.

Some of these innovations include;

  • A Dovetail design that creates less movement between parts, which ensures tighter tolerances. (The typical rectangular plate design moves more and creates an opportunity for misalignment).
  • A Slide Plate design that controls where the grooved rolls sit on the wire straightener

Sjogren’s series of straighteners offer a quick-release lever with a locking handle or a non-quick-release feature, depending on your application. The Quick-Release mechanism is best for easy opening without affecting roll adjustments.

The PB Series maximizes efficiency with a design that minimizes space and set-up time while eliminating the need for complicated and costly base plates for mounting.

Sjogren’s straighteners come in a variety of styles, including Tilt Rail straighteners, which are ideal for short-length wire products such as nails or other fasteners; Narrow Line straighteners for strand galvanizing or annealing, weaving, or mesh applications; customizable Light-Duty and Heavy-Duty straighteners; and three-roll straighteners for applications where only simple straightening or back tensioning is called for.

All Sjogren straighteners use our unique grooved rolls, which are machined to exact specifications and feature our alignment marker. This ensures the assembly maintains a precise wire centerline.

Controlling the centerline ensures your wire does not scratch or bend.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line and to see specs on the company’s PB Series and other straightener solutions, contact David Roberge, Business Development Manager, at 

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