Sjogren Industries continues to offer simple, customizable solutions for its clients.

Such is the case when it comes to Puller Grips.

Sjogren provides its clients with four styles of grips that factor in things like operator preference, wire tensile strength, and the type of drawing block hookup.

  • The Sjogren SD Series offers an ergonomic handle, which allows the operator to hold the puller securely with one hand while easily inserting wire with the other hand. The pivoting head reduces breakage by allowing both inline pull from the die box as well as tangential pull on the capstan.
  • The SH Series Wedge Grips machined construction accommodates wire diameter pull force up to 13,600lbs/6169kg and is fully compatible with Sleeper-Hartley style puller block assemblies. Jaws are easily replaced without additional tool requirements.
  • The V Series Wedge Grips are one-piece cast construction design, which allows a light weight, less fatiguing and more efficient solution for Vaughn style blocks. Accepts wire diameters with pull force rating up to 50,000 lbs/22,727kgs. Jaws are easily replaced without additional tool requirements.
  • The M Series Wedge Grips are one-piece cast construction design with a single spring element for simple jaw replacement for Morgan style blocks. Pull force achievement is in the 40,000 lbs/18,182kgs range.

The Thumb Release feature found on SH and Vaughn brands provide the ability to insert and release the wire without getting fingers near the jaws and wire. This decreases potential injuries while increasing workplace efficiencies and safety.

All Sjogren series wedge grips accept various chains and side/top/key slot hook configurations that address safety and versatility within its product line.

Sjogren’s featured spring loaded safety chain is designed to enhance an operator’s safety by tensioning the puller assembly while stringing up the drawing block. Eliminates the need for the operator to hold the assembly in place during start-up.

For more information on Sjogren’s Puller Grip lineup, contact Keith D’Amato at

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