The continuous improvement model is a benefit to the worldwide customer base.

Along with its aggressive new product release schedule, Sjogren Industries has continued to survey its current product line with an eye toward innovation.

Consequently, the company has redesigned its line of HD straighteners to help its customers reduce costs and increase productivity.

Heavy-duty (HD) straighteners accommodate large-diameter wire and rod using sleeve-style grooved rolls made from hardened tool steel. Sjogren’s customizable HD line accommodates wire diameters up to 30mm / 1.18″.

Recently, Sjogren made the following refinements to its HD straighteners.

  • Decreased the weight by 20%
  • We redesigned the frame with a modular concept. The HD0515 and HD1020 accept wire diameters 5-20mm, and the HD1525 and HD1030 can accept 15-30mm wire by interchanging the rolls.
  • Created efficiencies in manufacturing, reducing costs and market pricing.
  • All units are now easily adaptable to hydraulic quick-opening

The innovators at Sjogren know that having the correct tooling will eliminate costly downtime, improve customer life expectancy, and increase efficiencies.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line and to see specs on the company’s HD Series and other straightener solutions, contact David Roberge, Business Development Manager, at

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