New England-based company enters Italian market with innovative product line.

WORCESTER, MA _ Sjogren Industries, an innovator in the wire-tooling industry, has partnered with Italian wire-tooling solutions company Tramev Srl.

Based in Cesana Brianza, LC, Italy, Tramev Srl offers a wide range of products for wire drawing and bolt-making companies worldwide. Founded in 1977, the company supplies cutting, straightening, and bending equipment, as well as tilters, pay-offs, and complete drawing lines.

With its manufacturing facility in Worcester, MA, and distributors in Europe, South America, Asia, and Mexico, Sjogren continues to expand its global footprint with strategic partnerships such as this.

“These partnerships allow us to deliver high-quality machinery, tooling, and accessories to a worldwide customer base,” said company president Carl Sjogren.

Founded in 1927 by Oscar Sjogren, the company has long been an innovator in the design and manufacture of wire straighteners, straightener rolls, and wire tooling equipment. It has garnered a reputation as the leading solutions provider for the industry.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line, contact David Roberge, Business Development Manager, at

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