Wrap Tester and Torsion Twist Tester improve quality control

Continuing its legacy of innovating for the wire and cable industry, Sjogren Industries has developed a line of testing and handling equipment for its customers that is setting a new paradigm for quality control.

Sjogren’s product line includes machines that test for hardness and ductility and others capable of identifying a variety of flaws.

As with all Sjogren products, these are designed to improve efficiency, quality, and profitability for its customers.

Sjogren’s Bench Top Wrap Tester is designed to test spring wire for ductility, or to test the adhesion of metallic coatings. The test consists of coiling the wire in a closely spaced helix to enable visual inspection for cracks or fractures.

The Torsion Twist Tester identifies brittleness, inclusions, hidden seams, and other flaws. Sjogren’s Torsion Twist Tester comes in three models to address a wide range of applications and features 12 possible twisting programs with memory of the complete cycle.

Sjogren is currently offering a 10% discount on these and other machines for orders placed before April 3, 2021.

Sjogren also provides a variety of wedge grip, wedge block, and insert style testing jaws compatible with the most popular tensile testing machines.

A manufacturing innovatorsince 1927, Sjogren Industries provides the highest quality machinery, tooling, and accessories for the wire and cable industry.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line, contact Keith D’Amato, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at kdamato@sjogren.com.

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