Regardless of where your ideology sits on the political spectrum, the 25 percent tariff imposed by the United States on imported steel and aluminum will have a wide-ranging impact on the global economy and specifically those of us in the business of manufacturing.

Tariffs immediately impact the price of raw materials. The following graph shows how the cost for steel for wire manufacturers has increased close to 30 percent.

How can our partners combat these increases?


Seems like a simple answer to a very complex issue but it is a very real solution to dealing with the increased prices of raw materials.

As a wire manufacturer, you can’t afford production runs that are impeded by scratched or bent wire, or entire runs that are scrapped due to defects.

This is where Sjogren comes in.

Our innovations can help you save enough time and money to recoup the increase in cost of raw materials.

As an example, our straighteners maximize efficiency with a design that minimizes space and set up time while eliminating the need for complicated and costly base plates for mounting.

The Static Dancer Roll (patent pending) replaces the conventional dancer roller or tuner roller on a wire drawing machine. With the conventional roller, the combination of high heat, draw lube contamination, and general wear causes wire surface scratching, ball bearing seizure, and constant maintenance.

Sjogren’s innovations extend to the groove roll market. A feature found only on Sjogren rollers, the alignment marker assures the operator that the wire’s centerline is always maintained exactly from one roller to the next. Maintaining a precise centerline means no scratches or bent wire.

Also, as the leader in the groove roll marker, Sjogren Industries has introduced its Preventative Maintenance program for straighteners and groove rolls designed to keep product lines running and minimize downtime, all while increasing productivity and profits.

While you might not be able to control the vagaries of those outside forces that can have a very real impact on your bottom line, you can minimize that impact through the efficiencies offered by Sjogren Industries.

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