Hysteresis Brakes get the Sjogren treatment

For over 90 years, Sjogren Industries has maintained its edge as the leader in the wire tooling industry by adhering to the maxim that “simple ideas make better solutions.”

That philosophy applies not only to its signature line of straighteners and grooved rolls, but other innovations as well.

This includes its line of magnetic brakes and clutches.

Sjogren’s Hysteresis Tensioning Brakes are mechanically assembled (not welded), making replacement of bearings a simple field repair. Tensioning brakes preserve drive train life in winding operations by helping control torque variations.

Sjogren’s brakes require no external power source because they rely on magnetic resistance and have no mechanical wear parts. The magnet-based technology maintains permanent, consistent levels of resistance and experiences no friction wear.

Sjogren’s Hysteresis Tensioning Brakes allow for repeatable and recordable settings that make it easy for the operator to control torque precisely, and to reliably vary settings from one application to another.

These brakes are most often used for material unwind operations for payoff applications.

Sjogren has innovated this specific process with its Hysteresis Tensioning Feed-Back Brakes, the easiest way to provide constant tension during pay-off operations, without requiring any external power source or operator adjustment. The feedback arm automatically adjusts the torque throughout spool pay-off.

Sjogren’s Hysteresis Tensioning Feed-Back Brakes, the largest permanent magnetic brake on the market, supports greater quality and efficiency.


For more information on these and other Sjogren innovations, visit the company online at Sjogren.com.

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