Innovations continue to roll at Sjogren Industries

Sjogren’s commitment to the “Any System, Any Part,” philosophy that has made it a leader in the wire-tooling industry, has influenced the innovation of a myriad of parts and processes, including the stringing of dies for wet draw machines.

Sjogren’s Motorize Die Stringer simplifies the process, saving time on the factory floor and reducing the risk of operator injury.

Prominent features of the die stringer include;

• 12″ diameter drum features clutch-type mounting for manual positioning, integral S&H-style wedge grip, and interlocked safety guard

• 3/4 HP, single phase, 115/230 VAC motor with foot switch to allow operator complete control

• Swiveling die support bracket with reservoir for lubricant

It is available as a bench top unit or mounted on a stand with heavy-duty casters. The optional hand pointer unit can be manual or powered.

Sjogren is currently offering a 10% discount on these and other machines for orders placed before April 3, 2021.

Founded in 1927 by Oscar Sjogren, the company has long been an innovator in the design and manufacturing of customized solutions for the wire tooling trades. Today Sjogren Industries delivers high quality machinery, tooling and accessories to a worldwide customer base with distributors located in Europe, South America, Asia, and Mexico.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line, contact Keith D’Amato, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at

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