One common goal all Sjogren products share is to help our customers improve the product they create. While that might mean different things — improving overall productivity, cost effectiveness, or safety — wire quality is one improvement that must be measured against universal standards. That is why Sjogren’s testing equipment can be so valuable: when you can prove your product quality, you prove your value to your customers. Sjogren’s Torsion Twist Tester does exactly that: watch a video demonstration here.

The Torsion Twist Tester meets ASTM test specifications E558 and A930. It allows for metallurgic inspection of samples after they have been twisted to the point of breaking, or to a specified number of rotations. This is crucial for applications ranging from high carbon steel wire for springs as well as for automotive applications such as wires for tires, as well as for copper and aluminum wire testing.

Being able to demonstrate the quality of your wire can go a long way to re-assure your customers, as well as letting you be sure your product performs up to standard. As markets become more competitive, being able to demonstrate and document product quality is valuable to protecting your market share and encouraging loyalty with customers.

It is not uncommon for operations to make an attempt at wire twist testing by cobbling together various equipment in an effort to approximate the standards defined by the industry or based on customer requirements. However, such improvised testing methods don’t produce reliable results, may pose a risk of operator injury, and (last but not least) may not be especially convincing to customers.

Sjogren’s Torsion Twist Tester is easily programmed to create virtually any testing parameters your product or your clients call for. It has a built-in safety shield cover and only operates when the cover is closed to help ensure operator safety. It comes in a Light Duty and Heavy Duty model; the Light Duty is for wire with diameters ranging from .010″ to .090″ (0,25mm to 2,3mm), the Heavy Duty works with diameters of .090″ to .312″ (2,3mm to 8,0mm).

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