A big part of Sjogren’s commitment to our customers is finding innovative ways to support their commitment to their customers. For wire forming operations working with coil tempered spring wire, customers have an increasing focus on quality testing. Does the spring wire material withstand the spring forming process? Does a coated wire’s treatment remain adhered to its surface? Sjogren innovation is at work helping spring wire formers answer important quality questions.

Of course, the importance of material/process quality is widely understood. Across the industry, different wire formers have undertaken processes to evaluate quality. However these efforts are non-standardized and inconsistently applied. A spring former may create some simulation of the coiling process using a lathe in order to test quality, but such methods are often unsafe for the operators and may not yield consistent results. Also, such haphazard or improvised approaches may be unconvincing to the OEM customer: the OEM may be unwilling to stake their finished product on the results of a hastily rigged testing method.

Customer needs = Sjogren innovation
In fact, a customer of ours came to Sjogren with exactly that problem: their customer had strict expectations for quality testing. We saw their situation as an opportunity to take the lead in a way that benefited the customer as well as the broader industry. The result of our innovation is the Sjogren Bench-top Wrap Tester — you can watch a video demonstration here.

The Sjogren Bench-top Wrap Tester accommodates coil tempered spring wire of diameters 1,2mm to 9,5mm (.050″ to .375″). Its advantages over improvised methods of testing include:

  • a plexiglass safety guard that protects the operator while allowing them to visually monitor the wrap test process; the tester only functions when the guard is closed
  • capacity to accommodate multiple wire diameters using interchangeable components, each of which are sized to specific user requirements
  • repeatable, reliable method to document consistent quality standards to your customers: you can show that you take their business seriously

The Bench-top Wrap Tester is yet another example of how Sjogren uses shop floor insights to drive innovation. We are always ready to listen to the challenges our customers have, and always prepared to bring forward new product designs to support their commitment to their customers. Contact us today if you have questions about the Bench-top Wrap Tester — or about one of the wire straightening, wire pulling, or wire tooling challenges your business is facing today.

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