Control the Centerline with Sjogren’s Full Line of Wire Straighteners


Sjogren’s series of straighteners offer either a quick-release lever with locking handle or a non-quick release feature depending upon your application.  The Quick Release mechanism is best used for easy opening without affecting roll adjustments.

The PB Series maximizes efficiency with a design that minimizes space and set up time while using a common base plate for mounting. Its design offers the ability to change orientations easily from vertical to horizontal.

Sjogren’s straighteners come in a variety of styles including Tilt Rail straighteners which are ideal for short-length wire products such as nails or other fasteners, Narrow Line for strand galvanizing or annealing, weaving, or mesh applications, customizable Light Duty and Heavy Duty straighteners, and 3 Roll straighteners for applications where only simple straightening or back tensioning is called for.

Sjogren’s EC is a standardized straightener unit for vertical or horizontal wire straightening.  The unit is best used when mounting to a machine. There is no base plate required.

All Sjogren straighteners use our unique grooved rolls: machined to exact specifications and featuring our alignment marker, which assures the assembly maintains a precise wire centerline.

Controlling the centerline is integral to ensuring your wire does not scratch or bend.

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