MATSUURA HS-300RP Horizontal Miller – 4 AXIS

20” x 22” x 20”
• 320 tools/15 pallets
• Renishaw probe

HAAS HS-2RP Horizontal Miller – 4 AXIS 

38” x 35” x 30” Dual Pallet
• 40 tool capacity
• Renishaw probe

OKK MCV-560 Vertical Miller – 3 AXIS

41” x 22” x 20”
• 30 tool capacity
• CAT 50 Spindle
• Renishaw probe

MATSUURA MC-800V Vertical Miller – 3 AXIS

32” x 17” x 19”
• 30 tool capacity

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Hysteresis Brakes done the Sjogren way

Company’s record of innovation extends to the largest permanent magnetic brake on the market For over 90 years, Sjogren Industries has maintained its edge as the leader in the wire tooling industry by adhering to the maxim that “simple ideas make better solutions.”...

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Sjogren covers the spectrum with Puller Grip lineup

Sjogren Industries continues to offer simple, customizable solutions for its clients. Such is the case when it comes to Puller Grips. Sjogren provides its clients with four styles of grips that factor in things like operator preference, wire tensile strength, and the...

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