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Sjogren: delivering innovation across the full spectrum of the wire tooling industry for nine decades

Founded in 1927 by Oscar Sjogren, Sjogren Industries, Inc. has long been an innovator in the design and manufacturing of customized solutions for the wire tooling trades.

Today Sjogren Industries delivers custom manufacturing, high-quality machinery, tooling and accessories to a global customer base. The Sjogren belief that “simple ideas make better solutions” has been at the core of its innovative product designs since its inception. Sjogren continues to introduce enhancements in technology that deliver major efficiencies and increased productivity for its customers.

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Features within Wire Puller Grips and products

What are wire puller grips? Wire Puller grips are devices that are used to grip and pull wires. They are often used in applications where it is necessary to grip and pull a wire in order to move it. Puller grips are typically made of metal or plastic, and they may be...

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