Any System, Any Part

The company employs the “Any System, Any Part” philosophy across the wire-tooling industry

Choosing the most appropriate tensile testing jaws to secure your samples effectively is essential for obtaining accurate measurements of tensile properties.

With over a half-dozen different styles to choose from, finding the right jaws for your assembly, materials, and capacity could get complicated.

Customization is the answer.

Sjogren is committed to the “Any System, Any Part,” philosophy that has made it a leader in the wire-tooling industry.

If we do not already have the exact component you need, we have the engineering and machining resources to adapt to any requirements. This includes tensile testing jaws.

Sjogren can design custom testing jaws for your specific application, as well as make replacement jaws for the most common types of tensile testing equipment: Baldwin/Satec style, Tinius Olsen style, and Instron style.

Self-contained production process

With a self-contained production process that doesn’t rely on outsourcing providers, Sjogren can accommodate orders for worn parts, custom machine replacement rollers, or puller jaws to any specifications and manage limited production runs.

As with all its products, Sjogren has innovated the approach to tensile testing jaws. Sjogren tensile testing replacement jaws feature our proprietary tooth pattern, providing superior durability and grip while remaining compatible with your current equipment.

About Sjogren

Founded in 1927 by Oscar Sjogren, the company has long been an innovator in designing and manufacturing customized solutions for the wire tooling trades. Today Sjogren Industries delivers high-quality machinery, tooling, and accessories to a worldwide customer base with distributors located in Europe, South America, Asia, and Mexico.

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line, contact Keith D’Amato, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at

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