For over 90 years, Sjogren Industries has been on the leading edge of American manufacturing.

Known globally for its groundbreaking work in the wire-tooling industry, Sjogren’s innovations extend into the realm of contract manufacturing.

Sjogren has an “Any System, Any Part,” philosophy that has led to advantages in both engineering and machining resources. Simply put, the company has the expertise to create ready-to-order innovations that will improve your bottom line.

Use Our Expertise to Design & Build Your Solutions!

Sjogren Industries offers an experienced team of engineers and technicians who can design and fabricate wire tooling assemblies. We understand the frustration that comes with designing wire tooling assemblies, so let us take that burden off your shoulders!

Engineers will typically seek to use standard, off-the-shelf components when designing a system. This decision is usually made for the purpose of reducing risk and costs. However, there are times when a custom solution is needed – for example, when an existing product cannot be found that meets the performance or environmental requirements requested by a customer. In these cases, Sjogren Industries can manufacture specialty products to meet customer needs.

Our facility

In its climate-controlled facility, Sjogren employs duplicate tooling centers and has the ability to produce specific fixtures and tooling for customer requirements. This will reduce cost and delivery times for future orders.

Culture of innovation

Sjogren’s culture of innovation is backed by a quarter-century of market knowledge and executed by a highly-skilled workforce. Our machinists average over fifteen years of experience in the custom manufacturing field. That expertise, combined with Sjogren’s lights-out manufacturing capabilities offers further efficiencies, cost reductions, and reduced waste.

Ability to adapt and respond

Sjogren has the ability to adapt and respond to specific requests, including limited production runs, in ways that others simply cannot.

With a manufacturing facility located in the heart of New England, skilled machinists, advanced quality control, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sjogren can create custom parts to your specification on a repeatable basis.

To learn more about Sjogren’s contract manufacturing capabilities, visit or contact Keith D’Amato at



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