Testing and Process Machines

Sjogren’s Bench Top Wrap Tester is designed to test spring wire for ductility, or to test the adhesion of metallic coatings. The test consists of coiling the wire in a closely spaced helix to enable visual inspection for cracks or fractures.

The Reverse Bend Tester provides a simple solution to the bend testing process. It is operated by pivoting the bending arm back and forth 90˚ while the material is positioned in adjustable jaws and sample supports.

The Torsion Twist Tester identifies brittleness, inclusions, hidden seams, and other flaws. Sjogren’s Torsion Twist Tester comes in three models to address a wide range of applications and features 12 possible twisting programs with memory of the complete cycle.

The factory floor environment demands quick processing machines. These machines deliver improved efficiency, high quality, and increase profitability.

For the process of drawing wire, Sjogren’s Motorized Die Stringer simplifies the process of pre-stringing dies in a wet drawing environment, saving time on the factory floor.

The Sjogren Power Pointer is designed to ensure effective long-term pointing applications. The design offers a safe, easy to use, quiet and minimal vibration operation.

Pointing is required to sufficiently reduce the wire diameter to allow the wire to pass through a drawing die. Once enough material has passed through the die it can be gripped by a Sjogren puller, chain and hook assembly and then drawn around the block.

Sjogren machines are setting a new paradigm for quality control and simplistic wire processing within your operation.

A manufacturing innovator since 1927, Sjogren Industries provides the highest quality machinery, tooling, and accessories for the wire and cable industry. 

For more information on Sjogren’s innovative product line, contact David Roberge, Business Development Manager at droberge@sjogren.com.

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