With privacy and data protection in the news we wanted to reach out to our valued customers and talk about how Sjogren Industries handles your information.

Over the last year, social media platforms, banks, and large corporation have come under fire for the way they have mishandled and shared information. While American companies are issuing public apologies, in the EU a recent privacy law will go a long way toward restricting and protecting how personal data is collected and handled. Specifically, on May 25, 2018, a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to better protect your personal data, was enacted in the EU.

In response to this action, we wanted our customers to know how we handle your information. We do not collect data across the web other than contact information and never share that information, using it only for customer outreach. Any other information is held on secure servers in our U.S. offices.

Your data (name and email address) is collected by Sjogren strictly for our own marketing purposes. We may also collect information about when the newsletter was read and which links in the email have been visited in order to improve our marketing. Your information is never shared with an outside party and at any given time you can request to be removed from our list.

At Sjogren Industries, we are committed to keeping all of our customers information private and secure. Sjogren Industries considers it a privilege to work with our valued customers and we are committed to privacy and protection when it comes to your data.

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