The Reverse Bend Tester provides a simple solution to the bend testing process. It is operated by pivoting the bending arm back and forth 90˚ while the material is positioned in adjustable jaws and sample supports. 

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  • Compact and lightweight to fit on any work surface – 20”L x 12”W x 6”H (508mm x 305mm x 153mm) and only 80 lbs (36kg). Dimensions do not include bending arm. 
  • Easily mounted at a work site or on a separate pedestal mounting stand using four M10 bolts
  • Rugged, steel-plate construction with black
    oxide finish
  • Design features self-centering base clamp with cylindrical test sample supports and test sample guides on bending arm.  


  • Manual operation for simple test results for metallic wire diameters 0.012” – 0.394” (0,3mm-10mm) and metallic flat wire 0.118” (3mm) thick or less.
  • Designed in accordance with ISO 7801 and ISO 7799 Test Specifications 
  • Manual lever of 29” (737mm) provides necessary leverage for ease of operations
  • No need for electricity
  • Flexible mounting options.


The Reverse Bend Tester is used by the wire industry to determine the ability of metallic wire and flat strip to undergo plastic deformation during reverse bending.

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