Choosing the Right Pullers:



The Thumb Release puller grip is a product designed by and only available from Sjogren. Like many of the innovations we have introduced, it was inspired by the practical realities that affect efficiency, productivity, and safety on the factory floor.

Fully compatible with Sleeper-Hartley and Vaughn style puller assemblies common across the industry, the Thumb Release mechanism opens both jaws simultaneously to allow one-hand operation, simplifying wire insertion and removal.

Sjogren offers a full line of pullers, chains and hooks that are compatible with Sleeper-Hartley style puller assemblies, Morgan-style assemblies, and Vaughn-style blocks.


An important variable to consider is operator preference: What style puller is the operator currently using? What does the operator like/dislike about the current operation?

Additional wire/die pull data you will need includes:

  • Pointed wire diameter/pointed wire diameter range
  • Maximum die-pull
  • Wire tensile strength
  • % reduction area
  • Wire toughness or hardness
  • Type of drawing block hookup – side or top-hole hook
  • Length of puller assembly required

The Sjogren Team is ready to analyze your production model and work with you to engineer the best solutions for your environment. Contact us today!

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