PP Power Pointer

The Power Pointer is used for setup of wire and bar drawing machinery and manufactured to the highest quality and durability.

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• Wire Size Range:

.07” – .375” (2,0-9,53mm) Model 448482-04
.03” – .250” (0,8-6,35mm) Model 448482-03
.12” – .500”(3,0-12,7mm) Model 448482-02

• Drive Unit: 3hp, (2,2kW), 220v
• Dimensions: 30”w X 30”d X 49.5”h 762mm w X 762mm d x 1257mm h
• Power Input: 220v, 3 ph, (1 ph available)
• Weight: 350lbs (160kg)


Precision ground rollers and tooling ensure effective long term pointing applications.

Protective guarding to ensure operator safety and ease of use.

Safe, easy to use, quiet and minimal vibration operation.

Variable speeds set to operator preference.


The Power Pointer is used to sufficiently reduce the wire diameter to allow the wire to pass through a drawing die. Once enough material has passed through the die it can be gripped by a puller and then drawn around the block. This process is repeated using a series of dies until the desired size is achieved.

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