Your Reliable Straighteners, Delivered.

Features of our straighteners include:

  • Dovetail design resulting in tighter manufacturing tolerances. Enhanced quality = better centerline accuracy
  • Quick-release cam handles that allow for easy restringing, with no risk of altering the individual roll adjustments
  • Grooved rolls: machined to exact specifications featuring our Orientation Marker Groove, which assures the assembly maintains a precise wire centerline

Here are some applications and suggested straighteners:



Quick Release, High performance, precision, flexibility

IS/PB or EC style

Multiple wires in close proximity

NL style

Adjustable centerline for wire forming machines 

CA style

Short-length products — nails, etc.

TR style

Rods or large diameter wire

HD style

Simple for all wire ranges

LD style

Ask how Sjogren can  provide you the best Wire Straightener solutions for your application.

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