Backed by a year’s worth of engineering and Sjogren’s 90-year history of innovation within the wire and cable industry, the PB Series provides a simple, modular design for wire straighteners.
The PB Series maximizes efficiency with a design that minimizes space and set up time while eliminating the need for complicated and costly base plates for mounting. The PB Series comes with grooved rolls and precision ball bearings and available digital readout adjustment capability.

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Operation Problem

• Lack of flexibility with existing straightener types
• Understanding of required orientation for current straighteners
• Necessity of complicated mounting brackets with size, weight and cost

Sjogren Innovation

• Pivot Bar (PB) design for simple and precise opening of straightener
• Precision wire straighteners in modular design for straightening wire on one or two planes
• Quick-release lever with locking handle for easy opening without affecting roll adjustments
• Provides multiple styles and sizes for wire diameters from 0.8 mm to 15 mm
• Standardized straightener units can be positioned in vertical or horizontal attitude on common base plate or flat machine mounting surface.
• Most straightener units can be ordered with 5, 7, 9, 11 or 13 straightener rolls
• Precision machine components provide optimum straightening quality


• Minimizes set up time by eliminating roll set up adjustments utilizing the quick opening feature
• Eliminates the need for complicated and costly base plates for mounting
• Symmetrical design allows for simple configuration of components to adapt to incoming process wire orientation.
• Yields lower weight
• Compact thus saving space
• Grooved rolls feature precision ball bearings greased for long life
• Digital readout adjustment capability is available
• Two plane units available with optional baseplate that can be configured in 4 different orientations
• Standard straightener rolls have V-grooves; optional grooves upon request
• Made in the USA

The locking mechanism on the quick release handles allows you the benefit of easy wire changeover without any risk of partial or accidental opening or loosening of roller bars
All Sjogren straighteners use grooved rolls that we customize to your exact requirements, in any quantity. Steel cages and synthetic greases accommodate high speeds and withstand wear

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